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Monday, December 28, 2009


Check it out! I finally got this thing looking pretty!! Zoe's Blog in a Box products rock my socks :) Now it's nice and wintery and pretty. I have an obsession with Snowmen (they are really the only thing I can say that I collect, other than craft supplies :P) so this was perfect :)

We had a very merry Christmas with Jordan's family this past weekend. On wednesday night we head to NY to celebrate the holiday with my family and ring in the New Year. We're going out to dinner with the adults, and then out to the bar with my brother, sister, and their friends. Should be a lot of fun!!

I've got a few hybrid projects in the works, as always. SSD keeps me busy! Lol! I have another project with a design I guested for this month as well. That one I REALLY need to finish tonight if I can. I'm reallly excited to finish it so I can USE it! Lol! I make all these things and then give them away or they get stuck in a box somewhere.

I really hope to make this whole blogging thing more of a habit in the new year. I'm thinking of (yes, again) doing a Project 365. I was GOING to do it starting with the wedding, but things were hectic and then the honeymoon and coming home and having 84032 things to take care of.....just didn't happen. I think I'm going to come up with some photography challenges to work on each month, just to shake things up and keep it interesting.

Ok, almost time to head home. I'll catch ya later!


Caitlin Elizabeth said...

Just so you know, you used NINE exclamation points. In one post. And yes, I noticed. lol :)

Colleen said...

I REALLY like exclamation points.
Deal with it. :P


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