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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hello 2010.

I saw this quote today, and it felt appropriate:

“2010 is an unwritten chapter…love deeply, live boldly, and go after something big!”

I hate resolutions, so I try not to make them. Are there things I want to improve upon in my life? Of course! But resolutions only end up making you feel like crap because you don't complete them. But I want to love deeply, and live boldly, and go after something big, so that works out nicely :P

I want to show my husband how deeply I love him, all the time.
I want to live boldly and do big things.
     I want to seriously work on my photography skills, and put myself out there to do pet photography sessions.
     I want to really work on stationary designs for a new website, and grow that aspect of my creativity.
     I want to continue to grow creatively as a hybrid artist, and a life artist.

Professionally, I'll be taking the PE Exam in April (which terrifies me), and taking on more responsibility in the coming year. I hope to grow as an engineer and as a project manager. I hope to solidify my career before we decide to start a family and things get thrown upside-down.

2009 turned into a whirl-wind of a year and just FLEW by. I know that time slows for no man, but I hope to slow things down a bit and learn to enjoy life more fully. Put that project aside and get together with friends. Stop reading that book and enjoy a quiet evening with my husband. Get outside with Tigah-now more, which will benefit both of our health. I hope to enjoy more sunsets and more time spent outside if we get to build our deck this year.

Lots of things to look forward to in the coming year. Here's to 2010 and a new chapter of my life. :)


PS~I have taken my P365 photos, but I'm too lazy to post them every day. So every few days you'll get a couple. :)


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