A Mix of Scrap

Friday, April 1, 2011

*Tap Tap Tap* Is this thing on?

Hello there world! It's been a while huh? I know, I cheated on blogger with Tumblr. I'm not gonna lie, I thoroughly enjoy tumblr. But I've decided I need to get back to blogging my craft stuff, instead of just sticking it in galleries for it to get lost amongst thousands of projects. I want to get into joining more challenges and things too (I have SO MUCH traditional scrapping stuff that I really should put to good use). So, I'm resurrecting this lil crafty blog. And this time it will stay a crafty blog. I intend to use my tumblr for my more personal posts, and keep this crafty blog full of craftiness.

Gonna change up the layout, probably use a different one of Zoe's fabulous Blog-in-a-box products (cuz I want something other than the standard template, but I'm too lazy to do it myself), and get things going around here. Should be fun! Stay tuned!



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