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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Next Month: A Week in the Life!

I have always wanted to play along with Ali's A Week in the Life project. This year, I'm makin it happen! Naturally, it happens to fall on the week that we're going to meet Brian and Caroline at the beach for most of the week, but I don't care. It's a slice of life project, and that's part of life. I've got an 8.5"x11" scrapbook album that's  been laying around here so I'm good to go with that. I'm going to take notes and photos on my iphone, and I'll have my big camera along for the fun too. I'm gonna start pulling some stuff together soon to use for the project so that when I get back I can put it all together pretty quickly. I'll be a hybrid album I think, so I can type up my journaling and use some of my fun summer digi-kits :)
I can't wait!!

Check it out!

I'm looking forward to getting some projects photographed and posted up here. I've been slacking, I know!
Have a great night :)


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