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Friday, February 12, 2010

A New Look

With all this snow we've gotten, it felt like the blog needed a little face lift to something a bit frostier. Once again, Zoe saves the day! WOOT!

I'm getting some pictures edited from Snow-mageddon Part 2. We ended up snowed in for 2 days this week (wednesday and thursday) and got another 2 feet of snow. That's around 5 feet of snow in less than a week. ::blink:: I love snow and being snowed in, but that's just nuts! Lol! Of course it's made even worse because this state has no idea how to deal with that sort of volume of snow in such a short amount of time. There are a lot of streets in the city that will only be passable if the residents dig it out themselves (with some help from the sun). The plows just can't get through without risking a LOT of damage to vehicles, and it's not a risk that they are going to take (especially considering we're over budget on snow removal this season, and the economy in general just blows).

Tiger is still thoroughly enjoying herself and all the snow. I can only guess that the snow makes everything smell differently, because she has sniffed every square inch of the yard at least 3 times since we got it all, lol. It's the same yard Tigah-now! We do have a few sets of small tracks in the as-yet-untouched backyard, which is pretty cool to look at from the windows. We think they're rabbit tracks ("wwwwwwaaabbits", no RRabbits, "wabbits", RRRRRRRRabbits, "wwwwwwwaaabbits" - I love that commercial :P) because they are too close together to be deer, and we don't have much else in terms of "wildlife" around here. Plus, the snow is so thick and dense, a light-weight rabbit wouldn't sink too far into it.

Anyway, I've got more pictures and more projects in the works. Some girlfriends are coming over tomorrow to work on planning Lauren's bridal shower next month, so that will be fun. Speaking of which, I've got some cardstock to go cut up for invitations! Have a great night, and a great Valentine's Day if I don't get back to post again :)



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