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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow-mageddon Part 1 of 2??

So, we got slammed with that big storm last week. That's what they were calling it - "Snow-mageddon". ON THE NEWS! Ridiculous. I mean, if we lived in Florida and got almost 3 feet of snow, sure, Snow-mageddon is appropriate. But we are *not* that far south people! Just because we're below the Mason-Dixon line doesn't mean the weather magically changes!

We woke up friday morning, and I took a look at the radar. It showed that DC was already getting snow (supposedly) so I opted to stay home and work from home instead of going into the office. Jordan forgot his power supply for his laptop, so he went into work. It ended up not starting to snow until 2 or 3 in the afternoon, and then it was just flurries. Jordan left slightly earlier than a normal day, but then went and did some grocery shopping that we needed to do. Not "OMG WE HAVE TO GO BUY MILK AND BREAD AND EGGS OR WE'LL DIE IN THIS STORM!!" shopping, just some regular grocery shopping that we were due to take care of. But that's really how people around here think. The stores get mobbed and sell out of milk, bread, eggs, and toilet paper. I mean, they are really miserable at snow removal down here, but are you really going to go through 4 gallons of milk in 2 days? Are you really going to go to the bathroom THAT MUCH that you need 2 - 18 count packages of toilet paper? Let's use some common sense here people.

So we (and by we, I mean Jordan) took care of that, and then just hung out for the night. My saturday plans had been cancelled, so I had nothing to do. I stayed up later than normal, and at midnight when I went to bed we had maybe 6" of snow. No big deal. We were woken up at 9am to the sounds of heavy equipment backing up repeatedly. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! *wait 20 seconds* BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! *wait 30 seconds* BEEP BEEP you get the idea :p Jordan gets up to look out the window and discovers 2 things. 1) We had gotten 12-18 inches of snow overnight (WOOT!!) and 2) The neighbors across the way were "plowing" their driveway with a backhoe. A BACKHOE! We literally just watched in complete awe of the situation. It was stupid for 2 reasons. 1) IT'S A FREAKING BACKHOE!! 2) It was still coming down VERY heavily, and wasn't forecasted to stop for at least 6 hours, potentially 8-10 hours. So they were going to get a good bit more snow, and still have to clear things off again later. At 10 or so, Tiger couldn't hold it any longer and Jordan was forced to out the small front porch and dig her a path in the yard so she could do her business. She loooooooooooves the snow, and is absolutely hilarious to watch when she plays in it. But this was a relatively quick time outside. Jordan didn't feel like doing any shoveling yet, so in we went. I made breakfast, and we just relaxed all day. Snow snow snow snow snow, crazy people on tv out in the weather, snow snow snow snow snow, Snow-mageddon!!! At around 2 or 3 in the afternoon, it started letting up (we were in white conditions at one point!) so we bundled up to venture outside. We got somewhere between 30-36" of snow. It's hard to tell because there were drifts everywhere, some as high as 5 feet tall on the side of the house. Baltimore got 30" and we always seem to get a good bit more than they do, so between 30-36" is a good estimate. Here are some pictures of Tigah-now romping around :)
Playing in deep snow:
Step 1 - Dive in head first

Step 2 - Land and rear back

Step 3 - LEAP!!!

Since the snow was so deep, she couldn't touch the ground, but that certainly didn't stop her! She jumps really high in the air to get herself up and over the snow, sort of like a deer. Regardless, it's hilarious. I really need to charge my point and shoot and take some video of it. It's still deep in the backyard, we haven't made too much of a path back there yet.

These 2 give a good idea of how deep it is. It's thick snow, so it compacts underneath you but you don't hit the actual ground. This is a path down the side of the house towards the sliding glass door. She really stretches herself out when she runs, lol!
Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming.... :)

At the back door:

Pretty ones:
I just love her "serious concentration" face. She's SO focused on something down the street - probably neighbors shoveling themselves out.

I REALLY wish I had gotten this one in focus. This, for me, is the epitome of Tigah-now. Serious face, running around, goofy floppy ears flying in the wind. :)

And one last one that makes me :swoon:

I love this one. We were in the road because she could actually run around and sniff things out there, as nothing else was shoveled. And it's not like there was a whole lot of traffic to worry about, lol. But she just kept sitting down, keeping watch on things. It was so cute :)
Last one (for now anyway), kisses for momma!
Everything is still pretty much a disaster. My PE prep course was cancelled last night because the roads and parking lot weren't plowed. The Federal Government was closed yesterday. About 9 counties of schools were closed yesterday AND today. I have 2 friends who are pretty much SOL at this point. One lives in a cul-de-sac and still hasn't seen a plow (it's 3 days later!!) and the other lives in the city and was told that they weren't getting plowed. As in at all! No plows! She had to hike to a clear street and get a ride into work from a coworker today.

What's worse (besides Jordan spending our entire commutes going on and on about how miserable the plow people are down here :p) is that another storm is coming in today and we're supposed to get anywhere from 10-20 inches!! They had to call people into work to shovel off the roof today. It can safely hold 30" of snow, but we already have 24" up there, and who knows how much this storm is gonna dump on us tonight. Better to be safe than sorry!

I'm already counting on a snow day from work tomorrow (I have stuff I can bring home that I can work on), and I have zero faith that I'll class tomorrow night either. SUCH a mess! We shall see if tonight brings us Snow-mageddon Part 2!! Hahahahahaha!!



ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Good luck with storm. We're supposed too get maybe 10" or maybe 15" or maybe 6" and freezing rain. Either way life screeches to a halt tomorrow & probably Thursday as well. I just don't get why the DC area cannot accept that it is not a subtropical zone & just get used to the snow already

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