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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Aaaaallllll pretty!!

Zoe Pearn is my hero. Her "Blog in a Box" line makes things SO simple and easy! I know, pink blog decor? For me? But I just loved this one :) I still have to get some more links up over there, and "Crafty-ness" will have my team blinkies, and links to my galleries and whatnot. Eventually. If I get to it. I'm not worried about it, LOL!

I've got a bunch of hybrid LO's finished, or in various stages of completion, as usual. Really need to finish those. I also need to finish my new watermark design. I'm stuck with what I want to do. After a thread over at SSD I decided to embrace my difficult last name, and go with Swerbinsky Studios. I want to do pet portraiture, but that name leaves me with lots of options for different directions I can go in farther down the road, if I decide to do that. Options are good.

My girlfriend Annie opened up a logo shop recently, so I'm tempted to just pay her to do it, LOL! I'll probably just go with something super simple for now, just to get it DONE already. I've got a few fun pics of Tigah-now in the yard that I want to post :)

I also recently joined Jac Bernardo's CT. She makes fantastical templates and they are totally helping me get the wedding and honeymoon scrapped WAY faster than I would've have gotten done otherwise, lol. Totally loving that  :)

I started digging my way out of my craft area last night. I made a BIG dent in it, so hopefully tonight I can do some actual crafting while I watch Glee. I've had "Hello" by Lionel Richie stuck in my head since sunday! LOL! I did NOT do yoga or pilates last night since I went into cleaning mode again. But I MUST run tonight, because it's going to rain tomorrow. I'm gonna have to do a little dance on friday because apparently it is supposed to rain ALL WEEKEND! Which would NOT be good, because my best friend's wedding is saturday! UGH! Figures I would get the glorious weather for my wedding, and she would get the stinky rain. Hopefully it'll stay away so we can get some pictures outside and get in and out of the church without getting soaked. I might need to go buy some wellies just in case though.....

Ok, 2 days in a row from me, and now I'll stop rambling :)
Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

LOVE the new blog look- Zoe rocks!

DawnMarch said...

Congrats on finishing the test! And your blog is so pretty!

Heather Greenwood said...

LOVE Zoe's Blog in a Box... your blog is gorgeous! On my wedding day it rained all day except when it was time for me to walk from the salon to the church (1 block) to get dressed and when it was time for some outdoor pictures. It was a amazing the timing of the sun and rain that day... I'll be praying the rain holds off for your friend... have a great run!

Brittney said...

Congrats on the new team and being done with the test. Don't forget to run and love the blog look!

Balinda said...

Zoe makes beautiful blogs in a box...and your's looks awesome! Congrats on getting caught up on those LO's!

Anonymous said...

we have the same blog in a box! I had to figure out how to make it work for wordpress, but it is still SO cute!!
An Az Mom

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